Using Precision Scales in Our Farming and Herbal Recipe Business

I started growing lavender for making my own scented sachets. Then I bought a piece of property next to our acreage when the demand for it was exceeding my ability to supply it. My husband and I also learned to grow and extract organic essential oils from the various things we planted on our property from lavender to our wild spearmint. Some of our products we make are sold by weight, so I wanted to use the best scientific scales I could find to get precision weights. If I said there was 20 grams of product in a container, I wanted it to be exactly 20 grams. It was important because a lot of herbalists would use our products in their own formulations, and accuracy really is a big deal in making herbal preparations.

We had to be even more precise when mixing herbs into a recipe. We made teas and other products. To reproduce a taste you need to mix raw materials in a set proportion, and then you need to duplicate that proportion thousands of times over to make products to sell to your customers. Our tea recipes altered from harvest to harvest because no two batches of harvested herbs tastes exactly the same, so proportions need to be adjusted for each day of packaging. It is the same for coffee producers. That cup of coffee you like is duplicated because an expert mixes and matches beans of various flavors to maintain the taste you like. When you ramp up the production, you then need to mix much larger amounts, and this involves using weight measured out on a precise scale.

I never thought that being a farmer would require the use of the best scientific scales I could find for use in weighing our recipes and finished herbal products that we sell.