We Won the School Raffle!

Niagara Falls Limousine Tours | Airport Limo Services Toronto, OntarioI was taking the time to volunteer at my daughter’s school for the gala that was going to help them get all of the money that they needed for the kids to go over seas. There are a lot of kids that can not afford the trip abroad in their senior year and I wanted to make sure that it was going to be good for her to go. I suggested that toronto limo companies and other local companies donate some of their services so that we could actually get extra money by a raffle. I knew that it would be really great to get my daughter and a few of her friends to go to the airport in a limo for their trip back and forth and I wanted to make sure that they got it and won so I put a lot of money worth of tickets into the raffle jar.

We decided that it would be really fun to have random people in the audience pull the names for the raffle and it was worth our time to just pick the people out instead of having the same person pull all of them. It would also be fair to all those that are looking for a win. I had one of the kids from the class pull the limo and when they pulled out the winning ticket and they looked at me, I knew that I won. I had paid enough to make sure that we were going to win and it was really worth it. My friends and I were actually talking about how lucky I was to be able to have the car and it was going to be so much fun that we are going to be going in style to the Orient next summer.