What the Military Teaches the Civilian World

Because of the economic downturn there are many veterans retiring from the military that are reporting it very hard for them to find a job in the civilian world. It must be very difficult to go and protect your country, putting your life at risk; only to come home and find that it is nearly impossible to start a new career. Some military veterans decided to start a leadership skills company where they only employ veterans go out to clients and give speeches on how to become a leader in their respective field. This business has caught on as businesses and others, like universities have caught on and decided to employ the speakers for their various seminars.

The government has not done much for businesses as far as incentives to hire veterans for work after their retire. The company may be eligible for a nominal tax deduction when it comes to tax time but they actually get more financial incentive to hire those that were on food stamps and looking for a job. There is something wrong with this as those who are defending our country should get at least as much as a tax incentive as those who are getting off of welfare. Non profit organizations are actually stepping up to help those that are looking for work after retiring from the military as they are doing the ground work for the veterans themselves. After working on a great network of contacts and companies many of these unemployed veterans are working with the non profit organizations to work on resumes and gaining employment. Many of these veterans have families to feed, which is why it is so important for them to get employment as soon as they are out of the military as it is not right for them to go hungry.