You Meet All Types of People Here

I suppose one of the most fun things about going to college is that you get to meet a lot of different types of folks. I have been here for about a year and a half and I have met people of all different colors and every sort of religion that you could imagine. Just recently I met this girl who was trying to teach me something about the Vedic yagya, which is some sort of fire ritual from what I gathered. Of course if it had been a guy I would have laughed at him, but this was a rather attractive young lady and that goes some ways with me. I am just that sort of guy I guess. At any rate I had a couple of beers in me and I was feeling pretty good, so I started talking to this girl. I had very little idea what she was talking about and even less desire to learn Sanskrit or study about Eastern Religions.

In fact I was never really sure if this girl was just messing with me or not. At times it seemed as though she was joking with me and I noticed that the other girls who were with her did not seem to take what she was saying very seriously. So it is possible that she was playing some sort of prank on me. I knew this girl who would do strange things like that to see just how far a guy would go to chat her up. Obviously it was not all that hard to figure out what I was thinking when I started to talk to her. Girls definitely know what guys like me are thinking and the only guys who are not thinking that, they are talking to other guys instead.